Logimatic Srl is a third party productive service Company for the mechanical industry, specialized in the production of automatic machines.

This Company was born 10 years ago, thanks to the 40 years’ experience of the subsidiary firm RODA of Mr. Vignoli Dino, a mechanical company specialized in assembly and revision of automatic machines.
Logimatic offers today an high qualified service in its field: the realization of automatic machines turnkey.

We are able to produce a finished complete machine, starting from the drawings, included commercial components, checking, mechanical assembly, electrical wiring and software installation, managing the whole Order following the Client’s demand by using advanced management technologies and ability to organize the workflow.

We guarantee the realization of excellent machines meeting the requested delivery dates and the budgeted costs.

Thanks to the experience, the skills together with passion, Logimatic represents the ideal strategic partner in the mechanical automation field for all that companies which follow the lean production and choose to commit part of their activity in outsourcing to qualified suppliers.

In 2007, in order to better answer to the market needs, Logimatic tripled its area, reaching 2000 mq width. Since 2010 the Company became the Leader firm of an efficient network of companies all shared in the profits by IMA Spa, with features which allows, all together, to realize a complete production line turnkey. If specifically requested by our Customer, we can contact and collaborate with its own suppliers. We are also able to manage the sub supply of specific components for spare parts, parts subjected to gradual decline, and the Kanban system for the Fast Moving Consumer items.


Who Logimatic is addressing to:

  • Already structured Italian and foreign companies which need an help to manage an high job increase.
  • Already structured Italian and foreign companies that want to develop itselves without increasing its internal structures dedicated to the production management (Purchase Dept, Checking, Warehouse and Assembly areas…).
  • Already structured Italian and foreign companies that want / have the need to reduce production times of a product line, or to decentralize the management of a "standardized" production line in order to better concentrate on a new product (or the contrary).
  • Already structured Italian and foreign companies that have to reduce the whole cost of an entire line or a part of it, using an alternative supplying channel.
  • Young and not yet structured Italian and foreign companies which, for different reasons, don’t want to develop in its internal structures, some or all of the productive activities, but want to decentralize supply and assembly activities, or even the purchase of components.
  • Italian and foreign companies in business expansion, which need a technical advice to define its own productive structure, or an external collaboration in order to manage the production during the internal organization period.