Logimatic was born in 2004 as an evolution of RODA Enrico of Mr. Vignoli Dino SNC, a mechanical firm specialized in the assembly and overhaul of automatic machines. Logimatic maintained the background and the competence of this firm, increasing further productive services in order to extend its own activity also in the mechanical components production.

RODA has shown its passion for mechanic since 40 years ago, when in a little warehouse located in San Lazzaro di Savena, near Bologna, his founder Dino Vignoli together with a small team of only 5 people, began this activity supplying his specialized labour in order to assembly automatic machines for tea-bags and pharmaceutical packaging sector.

At the beginning of 90s RODA started to grow up: the quality of the offered service, flexibility and its ready answer to the Client’s needs, allowed to achieve new important orders, also in different fields. For this reason they had to move to a wider area in San Lazzaro di Savena.

The progress of advanced technologies and the entrance in the company of new partners, were an incentive for a consecutive growth at the end of 90s when also a process of production activity development started.

Thanks to the over 40 years’ experience of RODA, in 2004 Logimatic was born in order to offer to its Customers a service of production of turnkey automatic machines.