We do believe in the teamwork, in order to improve together your business.

At the beginning of 2010 Logimatic became the Leader Company of a group of firms, all shared in the profits by IMA Spa, and the different competences of all of them allows to realize a complete production line, starting from the production of the single parts, purchase of the commercial components (ordered directly to the producers, without intermediary figures), mechanical assembly, electrical wiring, software programming, until the delivery to the final customer, if requested.
This procedure allow us to set upon a market every day more demanding, a market which require the maximum flexibility, precision, delivery punctuality and reduced costs: you can find all these characteristics in Logimatic and its Partners.

Logimatic directly share in the profits the following companies:

  • Roda srl: Mechanical assembly located in the productive area of the company.
  • Silmac srl: Mechanical assembly and assistance in Italy and abroad located in San Pietro in Casale and Silla.
  • Ga.Me. srl: "Low cost" mechanical production located in Serbia.
  • Rosi srl: Plastic material manufacturing.
  • 3T srl: Production of gearwheels for automatic machines.


Our Partners:

  • Ima Spa
  • La-Co srl – Production of mechanical parts, 3D test and Painting
  • BC srl – Produzione di particolari meccanici altamente tecnologici, erosioni, trance e coltelli
  • Bolognesi srl – Production of high technology mechanical parts, erosion, slices and knives
  • Bacciottini srl – Production of metal sheet parts out of stainless steel and iron, laser cut and welding
  • Iema srl – Electrical wiring and Software